dover-rockThe Town of Dover website describes Dover as follows: “As a predominantly residential town, it provides a peaceful rural setting with many scenic roads. The residents of Dover strongly support the protection and acquisition of Open Space to maintain the country-like-feel. There are miles of shady trails and woods for walking, cross-country skiing, birding, and horseback riding, as well as access to the Charles River. …Dover’s farming heritage is still evident in the rural quality of the Town. Scenery common to farming communities in New England (such as open pasture land; stands of white pine, birch, oak, and maple; old stone walls dividing properties; and farm houses and barns) is still very much in evidence today. This heritage and country atmosphere is highly valued by the citizens of Dover.”

horses-hill-houndsReal estate professionals state newcomers to Dover come to the town because of the excellent school system and large amount of undisturbed open space. Newcomers move to Dover to get away from more suburban towns with sidewalks, bike paths and shopping areas frequented by out-of-town visitors. Privacy and the rural feel of Dover are attractive to those looking to settle in the community.