women-jumpingBe True To Dover is a group of longtime Dover, MA residents and concerned citizens who are committed to preserving and protecting the unique character of Dover, as outlined in the Town of Dover website and Master Plan. We look to champion all that is positive about Dover and inform the community of developments that may negatively impact a citizen’s way of life in our town.

Be True To Dover wants to be sure all Dover residents receive the truth about the selectmen entering into a 99-year lease with the MBTA (Article 18) and the plans to develop the rail bed. Be True To Dover believes in transparency and preserving the town’s legacy of pristine open space for its residents.

We have carefully reviewed every Dover feasibility study, gathered information from other towns and contacted environmental, wildlife and ecology experts. We are happy to share this information in the Resources section of this website.

We are extremely concerned about the proposal to develop the old railroad bed — which runs through the length of our town — into a “greenway” for use by large numbers of out-of-town visitors.  This development will destroy the bucolic nature of our community, violate the intentions of our founding fathers and negatively impact future use of Dover’s precious open space.

Similar “rail to trail” developments in other Massachusetts towns have permanently changed the tenor of the community.  As with any other development, once the rail bed is converted, the land around it can no longer be considered unspoiled.

We believe the citizens of Dover understand our community is far too special to be exposed to this sort of activity.