Something to think about… many residents express concerns about parking to Be True To Dover.

consider-the-parking-libraryDover Center will be an important hub for the developed rail bed and for the Dunkin’ Donuts, if the Planning Board approves this new business in the upcoming months. Parking is already tight in Dover Center. Dover-Sherborn High School students use the Town House parking lot each fall and spring weekend for Car Wash fundraisers. The Library parking lot is very busy with activities being offered throughout the day, as is the American Legion parking lot. Caryl Park and Chickering Fields parking lots are filled with cars belonging to parents of children playing sports.  The Friends of the Dover Greenway count these spots as usable parking areas for Rail Trail users.  See pages 10-14 of the feasibility study:

consider-the-parking-taffyTraffic and the speed of cars near the Dunkin Donuts location is another concern. Dover’s Chief of Police, Peter A. McGowan, wrote a poignant letter to the Planning Board stating his concerns about the traffic study.

Chief McGowan wrote,  “As the Board knows, one of the major complaints that the Dover Police Department deals with is speeding/ commuter traffic. If the average they (traffic engineers) are using is 30mph, what happens when a car comes over the hill at 35mph? 37mph? I would like it noted for the record that I feel that the numbers are being presented to fit the facts in the best possible light, and caution the board to review these facts and charts in greater detail, or have an impartial traffic engineer review them.”

The Traffic study can be found here:

consider-the-parking-legionBe True To Dover would like our fellow citizens to consider the traffic situation our Police Chief is addressing and understand the impact on users of the developed rail bed. If the intersection of Springdale Avenue and Dedham Street is so dangerous for cars entering Dunkin’ Donuts, imagine the danger to bikers and walkers on the rail bed?

We urge you to think about the WHOLE picture. There are too many unknowns and dangerous risks for motor vehicles and pedestrians using the same limited space.  Dover is not designed to accommodate this anticipated traffic. We live in Dover to enjoy the rural, peaceful environment our town provides.