Something to think about… Be True To Dover is hearing from residents who are concerned about the reliability of important human and financial resources cited in the feasibility studies to develop the rail bed.

consider-the-resources-tiesPart of the plan to develop the rail bed is reliant on having the metal tracks and railroad ties removed and carted away at no cost to the Town of Dover. The company named to perform this service is Iron Horse Preservation, based in Nevada. A concerned resident contacted us to share his alarm about the financial stability of Iron Horse, as the company was sued by the Town of Salem, MA, for non-performance, cited by the Town of Newton, MA for delaying project development and by the Town of Saugus for not completing the project within the terms of the contract. In Salem, Iron Horse left piles of 6,000 railroad ties untouched on the side of the road for three years.

According to newspaper reports, financial (mis)management is the reason for Iron Horse’s continued challenges in completing projects. Understanding there are myriad unanswered questions surrounding this potential project, we are hopeful the citizens of Dover will rightfully question the wisdom of entering into a contract with Iron Horse.

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Residents have also asked us about trash pick up on the developed rail bed, stating they didn’t think it was fair for the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts to assume responsibility for cleaning the developed rail bed of trash and debris. Parents of scouts have emailed us to say they are not comfortable having their children pick up other people’s Dunkin Donuts cups, bags, soda cans and candy wrappers. We are not aware of any agreement signed between the Town’s various scouting troops and the Friends of the Dover Greenway, but agree with one mother who characterized this as an unfair use of child labor under the guise of free resources.

Completing the trifecta of resource concerns are the comments from several longtime Dover residents who question budgeting merely $5,000 per year for upkeep of a developed rail bed, which spans more than three miles. With many Dover families paying more than $5,000 per year for lawn and garden services to maintain a single-family property, these residents think the estimates for rail trail upkeep are vastly underestimated. And, they wonder where the funds will come from for the 99-year duration of a lease with the MBTA. Should we anticipate tax increases?

We urge you to think about the WHOLE picture. Consider Dover’s great reputation for managing vendors/contractors and providing appropriate financial and human resources to successfully run our town. The developed rail bed presents too many unanswered questions regarding resources to manage the project. We live in Dover to enjoy the rural, peaceful environment our town provides.