Something to think about… dog owners have contacted Be True To Dover about their concerns regarding the developed the rail bed.

canine-huntingYellow labs, black labs, chocolate labs.  Golden retrievers, poodles, golden doodles.  French, English, and American bulldogs.  Spaniels – cocker, springer, Brittany, Boykin, Cavalier King Charles.  German shepherds, Australian shepherds, Jack Russell terriers, Wheaton terriers, basset hounds and Welch corgis.  And, of course the cherished family mutt.  Dover issues over 1,300 dog licenses every year.

With miles of trails and no leash law, Dover is heaven for dog lovers and dogs.  Dover’s dog owners regularly use the trails near the abandoned rail bed for walking their canine companions.  Owners are often spotted running or walking while their dog runs through the woods, jumps over logs, pauses to lie in streams or drink from the natural running water.  Dogs are as much a part of our community as are children and families.

canine-sittingDog owners have expressed concern about the number of out-of-town visitors – and their dogs – on the developed rail bed.  They are concerned about non-residents leaving untended dog waste or dog waste bags in the woods and on the trails surrounding the rail bed.  Dog owners talk about the unwritten code of respect between Dover residents and their dogs and believe issues will arise as a result of large numbers of out-of-town dogs being brought to the rail trail.  Dover residents also expressed concern for the safety of their dogs.

Dog owners are also talking about contaminants, as dogs will no longer be able to run up and down the land surrounding the rail bed.  When embankments are built to support the structure of the rail trail, people, horses and dogs will not be allowed on the embankments, as the contaminated soil used to build the embankments would be disturbed.

canine-walkingMany dog owners have told us they worry Dover will have to pass a leash law if the rail bed is developed.

We urge you to think about the WHOLE picture. Consider your lifestyle with your dog.  Think about your friends who have dogs.  The developed rail bed presents too many unanswered questions impacting dog lovers in Dover.  We live in Dover to enjoy the rural, peaceful environment our town provides.