A recent article in Wicked Local Needham publication from the Needham Times the indicated that there may be intent to connect the rail trail to the Needham Junction Commuter Rail Station. The article stated that the Bay Colony Rail Trail Association, which has been raising funds and advocating for the trail since 2009 ” also wants to extend the trail to connect with the Needham Junction commuter rail station”. The Association is advocating for the rail trail in Needham to be part of a seven-mile path between Newton, Needham, Dover and Medfield. A possible linkup with the commuter station at Needham Junction would in result in enhanced access to the proposed Greenway by individuals from all around Greater Boston. A map of the linkage is provided here for reference.

In fact, there are resources available that point to an even more ambitious long-term project that would link up trails throughout the Eastern part of the State. This PDF document gives an overview of the local trails system. It is clear from this map that the currently proposed trail would link directly to the Bay Circuit Trail that is already operational at point “G” on the map. And, taking another step back, this map shows the linkage of the Bay Circuit Trail to the larger Eastern Massachusetts trail system. This linkage would open up the rail trail to users to either start on our trail as a point of entry to access the Bay Circuit Trail and beyond or to come into our community from far away towns such Hopkinton, Holliston, and Ashland.

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