2,500 Users Predicted for a Typical Weekend Day

Census 2015

On a typical Saturday in May of 2015, 20 volunteers assisted a census that was conducted by the Friends of the Milford Upper Charles River Trail. The stated purpose of the trail census was to understand how their trail was used on a typical day. The organizers used volunteers who were stationed from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm at several key points as detailed in the pie chart above. The tally showed that a total of 2,066 individuals used the trail that day. The census per our understanding only counted humans and did not count animals or bicycles.

The chair of the Holliston Trail Committee, Mr. Robert Weidknecht said the following:

“The 1998 Feasibility study done by MAPC predicted 2,500 users on a weekend day for the fully-built trail. This is only a 6.7 mile section of the then planned 26 mile trail. This far exceeds the expected usage. Well done Milford.” The trail census helps to determine trail usage, which is important for installation of cross walks, crossing lights, and signage along the trail. Below are the 2015 Trail Census results showing total number of people per location and respective percentages by location, type of use and time of day.

The information per the report we derived the information from was supposed to be used to understand how and when the trail was used.  The data was meant to inform their planning efforts which included maintenance discussions, safety concerns, and educational aspects of trail usage. They also intended to share the date with other communities to help them plan and build their own rail trails. Although there may be some specific differences between the Milford Upper Charles River Trail and our trail, we believe that usage statistics from this census should help to inform our community of potential and expected usage of any proposed rail trail in Dover.

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