dog-wasteA recent article from the Holliston Reporter revealed a true concern of two abutters with regard to dog poop and the colored bags that the Town of Holliston has apparently made available to those who use the Holliston Trail. The comments are available at the bottom of the article and also excerpted here: “Many people don’t leave their dog poop “bags” on the trail – tjhey just throw them into my backyard, and my neighbor’s yards. This never happened before the stone dust was put down and the “traffic” increased threefold. The funny thing is, I don’t mind dogs pooping in my yard; it’s the people throwing the ziplock bags full of poop that I have a problem with!” and “I know you will never stop people leaving their “bags” from their dogs on the trail.. but can more “poop” drops be put up? I was so disheartened to see all the “bags” littering the trail.. . and not even that just plain not picking it up.. do we need to implement a no “dog” trail? this is such a beautiful place to walk and to see these colored bags littering the trail is awful”.

Dog poo bin overflowing near Key Sike Lane, TodmordenThese complaints were despite the Town of Holliston early in 2015 attempting to address the problem of “numerous piles of dog waste [being] left on the trail over the winter”. The solution at the time was to install “[n]ew signs which [would] grace the trail” and a high school student driven effort to ” [install] 6-8 dog stations along the trail. The stations [would] include plastic waste bags and a waste container located near trail/street intersections for easy collection.” The Town of Holliston also had to ask a local landscaping company to volunteer his company’s resources to  collect the dog waste containers and make a dumpster available for disposal.

In fact, it appears the issue was so acute for the Town of Holliston their trail committee members apparently even considered banning dogs at one point in 2015. A quote excerpted from the this article recalled how their committee chairman, “Robert Weidknecht told fellow rail trail members that on a recent walk from Cross Street to Hopping Brook Road he encountered at least seventy piles of dog poop. “I was appalled,” said Weidknecht. There were even full plastic bags thrown on top of existing piles.” There was also a comment to this article of a trail user complaining that there were some dog owners who used the trail who were “apparently [having] some sort of contest going to see how high they can get [the dog poop bags] into the trees of the conservation area.”

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